Draw Knife Curved Draw Shave Tool Woodworking Debarking Hand Tool. Draw knife tool features 5 inch (12.7cm) blade length that is curved end to end and along the cutting edge Curved blade has 1.9 inch (4.8cm) height and a .3 inch (.8cm) thickness Draw knife curved shave tools allow you to create pitted surfaces Overall length is 9.4 inches (23.8 cm) from handle apidly remove wood and bark from logs, fence posts, and firewood with the Felled 8 Inch Curved Wood Shaving Knife Draw Shave Wood Debarking Tool Often used by timber framers, wood turners and carvers, and furniture fabricators these log draw knife woodworking hand tools quickly remove excess materials to shape surfaces to create spindles, pegs, seats, bowls, and much more